An Adventure to Try On Your Holidays to Dubai

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Holiday Packages
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Wear your pair of shorts and a tee, put on loads of sunscreen and gear yourself up as you get ready for an adventurous ride of your life, in the deserts of Dubai. This buggy ride in the sands of Dubai desert is a one must do things. All these buggies are only available with manual shift gearboxes and so no automatic help or transmissions are available. Yes, my friends, I am talking about the very popular dune buggy ride of Dubai. And if you are planning your Dubai trip, let me tell you; do not head back home until and unless you have tried one of these. So, as you plan your holiday, do try to save some for this kind of desert adventures in the city. Plan a holiday sensibly and affordably and try to find some cheap flights to Dubai for saving some good bucks for your real action in the city.

To experience this exhilarating dune buggy ride through the spectacular deserts of Dubai is a must. If you love adventure, then this is something you should never miss upon. This self drive activity requires good driving skills too. So, please do only give it a try, only of you have driving experience. These buggies are individually geared up with great 1500 cc Hyundai engines that give you immense engine power plus pick up. So, all you have to do is, to don your helmet and drive to bash these sand dunes to make your way into this desert.

Cheap Flights to Dubai

It is an exhilarating one hour long ride that will leave you with loads of sand in every nook and corner of your body. So, dress up in a very light and casual wear, as you head to this dune bashing adventure in Dubai. Let e tell you dear friends, this fantastic adventure is a must do on your Dubai holiday. So, do not forget to list it down in your list of to-do-things in Dubai.

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