Book Cheap Holidays in Bangkok with Yummy Street Foods

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Holiday Packages
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This is for all those food lovers who are planning a trip to the scintillating city of Bangkok. If you are on a tight budget and planning your cheap holidays to Bangkok, then considering places where you can get affordable food is also very important. When you plan to grab cheap tickets to Bangkok; also list down some much affordable places to munch around in the city on this holiday of yours.

cheap holidays in Bangkok

To the outcast, the life of a Bangkok local gives off an impression of being a series of dinners and snacks punctuated by the odd cut at work, not the other route around. Assuming that you can modify your mental clock to this timetable, your stay will be a flavorful one without a doubt.

Outdoors markets and street food stalls are around the most famous eating spots for Thais. In the mornings, stalls offering espresso and Chinese-style doughnuts spring up along occupied worker passages. At lunchtime, burger joints may get a plastic seat at yet an alternate stall for a basic stir-fry. In Bangkok’s suburbs, street side night stalls frequently set up amidst town with a group of sustenance sellers, metal tables and seats.

This clearly means that when you are in the city, you can find many cheap places to enjoy a good meal. So, it would be okay, if you just find cheap tickets to Bangkok online and leave the rest to discover when you reach there. To make your holidays to Bangkok even affordable, here is a list of places that you can hunt down when you reach Bangkok, to grab a bite:

  • Nai Mong Hai Thod (Thai food)
  • Jek Pui (Chinese).
  • Mangkorn Khao (Fast Food).
  • Pa Aew (Thai).

These and many other popular places are sure to save you a little extra money yet offer you a palette of good taste at the same time. So, get all set to book your tickets to Bangkok and spend your cheap holidays in Bangkok, yet enjoy great foods of all kinds in the city.


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